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On the first day of the spring semester, Montgomery College officially opened its newest parking facility on the Rockville Campus, a 918-space, seven-level garage located adjacent to the Physical Education Center. The North Garage (NG on collegewide maps) features include 59 security cameras, 20 electric charging stations, two elevators and nearly 700 newly-designated parking spaces for students.

“We hope this state-of-the-art facility is a benefit to our students, staff, faculty and visitors as they navigate our wonderful Rockville Campus,” said Dr. Kimberly Kelley, vice president and provost of the Rockville Campus.

The North Garage was designed by Carl Walker, Inc. and built by The Christman Company.

General Description of the Montgomery College-Rockville Campus North Parking Garage:
The garage has seven levels, and is approximately 75 feet in height, and contains a total of 918 vehicular parking spaces and two elevators, and a Public Safety and Security Office.  There will be 900 standard sized (9’x18’) parking spaces, 20 charging stations 5 van parking spaces, 14 disabled parking spaces, and 17 visitor spaces located in the facility. Montgomery College faculty will have designated parking on the first and second levels of the North Parking Garage, for a total of 197 spaces. This includes 10 ADA spaces, and 10 electric charging station spaces. Students will park on levels 3-7 containing 685 parking spaces including nine ADA spaces and 10 charging station spaces. The parking garage is equipped with two elevators to support patron entry and exit to appropriate levels. New concrete sidewalks will be installed around the perimeter of the new parking structure to allow for safe and efficient pedestrian circulation. Bicycle racks will be provided on the western façade of the garage to form the arcade space/pedestrian plaza.

Hours of Operation:
The North Parking Garage will operate between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. Monday-Friday and on Saturday, the facility will be open for parking from 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. The parking Garage gating will remain open until approximately 11:30 p.m. or 6:30 p.m., respectively, to allow for timely exit after classes or a scheduled event. Public Safety Officers will conduct a final patrol at this time to secure the facility enforce parking procedures, and lower the gates closing the facility. Parking garage gates will always open by electronic sensor as a vehicle approaches the exit gates to allow vehicles to leave the garage, but will not allow entry. Patrons can always call Public Safety should they require further assistance for any reason at 240-567-5111. The North Parking Garage will be closed on Sunday, holidays, and when Montgomery College closes, unless previous planning to support events and activities has been approved by the Montgomery College Rockville Campus Facilities Operations Office.

Access and Safety:
Montgomery College will operate the facility as “open access” in the same fashion used for managing surface lots. Students, faculty, and staff are permitted to access using the college’s current parking permit as authority to park. Public safety will enforce parking procedures and policy and create a safe environment through active patrolling through the garage and patrols will be reinforced by parking lot attendants observing, monitoring and citing parking violations. This active presence effort is reinforced by other safety attributes including a sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, 59 cameras, six exterior monitoring traffic and pedestrian entrances, and 53 interior cameras monitoring traffic flow, stairwells, ramps, and the exit. Each parking level has two Emergency Phones (blue phones) and at the entrance and exit of the facility. The parking garage way-finding signage has been designed to assist patrons with entry, parking, and exiting the parking garage.

Visitor and Special Event Parking:
Seventeen (17) visitor spaces are located on the parking ramp between parking level 2 and parking level 3. Requests for reserved parking to accommodate special events should be directed to the Rockville Campus Office of Public Safety. Visitors may park in these spaces when they arrive on campus. Once parked, if they do not already have a visitor permit, they will need to visit the Campus Public Safety Office to obtain a visitor parking permit to hang in their vehicle.


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