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Circuit Court of Montgomery County Dismisses Lawsuit Against Montgomery College Board of Trustees Decision Rejects Challenge to College Tuition Policy

A judge with the Circuit Court for Montgomery County dismissed the lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch against the Montgomery College Board of Trustees. The decision, dated August 16, 2011, rejected the challenge to the College’s longstanding practice of granting the lowest tuition rate to all recent Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) graduates within three years of their graduation date.

The court dismissed the case on the grounds that the plaintiffs did not have the legal right to sue under the statutes they asserted.

While the lawsuit alleged that the College’s tuition policy costs taxpayers money, analysis by an expert, David W. Breneman, Ph.D., found that, far from imposing additional taxes on Maryland and Montgomery County taxpayers, the policy actually saves the taxpayers a great deal of money each year.

“The College’s policy of providing the lowest tuition rate to Montgomery County high school graduates places a college education within their reach,” said Stephen Z. Kaufman, chair of the Montgomery College Board of Trustees. “This policy helps the College leverage the county’s investment in K-12 public education because higher education advances both the individual and the broader community.”

More than 60,000 students enroll in Montgomery College’s credit and noncredit courses each year, with as many as 90 percent remaining in the state to support the county and the state’s economic growth.

“As our new mission statement says so eloquently, we empower students to change their lives,” said Dr. DeRionne P. Pollard, president of Montgomery College. “Our tuition policy ensures our mission is more than words; our policy brings our mission to life.”

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