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Statement By the Montgomery College Board of Trustees


The Montgomery College Board of Trustees has learned of a lawsuit, filed in Montgomery County Circuit Court, from a press conference held by Baltimore County Delegate Pat McDonough. Delegate McDonough, who does not represent Montgomery County, has led this unwarranted attack on Montgomery College.

We have not yet received official notification of the lawsuit submitted by Judicial Watch, on behalf of three plaintiffs. The lawsuit, which is posted on public Web sites, contains various misrepresentations about College operations and misapplications of law.

We look forward to the upcoming opportunity for our community college—Montgomery College—to set the record straight.

As the community’s college, Montgomery College reflects the values of Montgomery County—our community that we have proudly served since 1946. Montgomery County has invested in our children’s education in grades K–12, and Montgomery College is leveraging that investment by providing a seamless transition to higher education for all recent Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) graduates.

In accordance with Maryland law, our Board of Trustees sets tuition rates annually. It has been our long-standing practice to provide the lowest tuition rate to all MCPS graduates within the past three years, regardless of their place of residence. Students who have not graduated from a MCPS high school within the last three years must provide proof of residency to receive the lowest rate, unless otherwise permitted by law. We recently reaffirmed this practice at one of our public meetings.

As Montgomery County residents and business leaders, with support of the county government and state representatives, we believe Montgomery College has a responsibility to build the workforce of tomorrow. Nearly 60,000 students are enrolled in our credit and noncredit courses annually, and as many as 90 percent of them remain in the state after attending Montgomery College to help support our community’s shared economic growth. Even in challenging budget times, Montgomery College strengthens the local economy by more than $1.5 billion through operations, student spending, and alumni productivity.

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