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Statement by Dr. Brian K. Johnson, President, Montgomery College, On the County Council’s Budget Reconciliation Actions for the FY 2009 Operating Budget

It is gratifying to know that, even in the face of one of the worst fiscal situations in years, our elected officials genuinely understand how the continued strength of our community depends on a firm commitment to education. Our County Council had a difficult task this year in balancing the budget and its variety of potentially competing interests. In the end, though, they struck a healthy balance. And in doing so, they made it clear that they believe in the hard-working students of Montgomery College and that they believe the residents of our community deserve to have access to a high quality education.

We are extremely grateful to the Council for supporting our funding needs, at a time when enrollment is continuing to climb and the need for our services is greater than ever. We thank them for demonstrating once again that they are steadfast supporters of educational excellence.

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