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Do you have a story? We have an expert.

Montgomery College faculty and staff can provide expert opinions and analysis on topics in the news. For help finding an expert, contact MC Media Relations at 240-567-4022 or email the media relations team here.

Lee Annis, Professor of History and Political Science

Expert Categories: American political history, Local politics (county and state Government), and National politics


Joanne Bagshaw, Professor of Psychology

Expert Categories: Psychology disorders, Child Psychology and development, Mental Health, and Abnormal development


Rachel Bonapart,Professor of ELAP, Linguistics, and Communication Studies

Expert Categories: Interpersonal and Small Group Communication, Service-Learning, Culture and Perceptions, and Increasing self-leadership.


Sara Ducey, Professor of Nutrition and Food

Expert Categories: Nutrition and Health, Environmental Health, Agricultural practices, Pedagogy: Teaching, and Integrative Studies and High Impact Practices


John Hamman, Dean of Mathematics, Statistics, and Data Science

Expert Categories: Mathematics in Higher Education, Developmental Education and placement, and Two-Year Data Science Programs.


Shinta Hernandez, Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice

Expert Categories: Social Justice, Social Stratification/Inequality, Globalization, Public Policy, Pedagogy, and Open Educational Resources


Vincent Intondi, Professor of History and Political Science

Expert Categories: Nuclear weapons/studies/disarmament, Race/Black Lives Matter/Civil Rights, Social Justice, and U.S. Foreign Policy


Jessica McLaughlin, Professor of Psychology

Expert Categories: Psychological disorders, Child development, Mental illness stigma, Factors impacting mental health, and Abnormal development


Sonia Pruneda-Hernandez, Professor of Early Childhood Education

Expert Categories:  Early Childhood Education, Child Care Advocacy and Public Policies-local, statewide, and national, Family Engagement and Early Childhood Community Partnerships


Elizabeth Ridings, Professor of Health Enhancement, Exercise Science

Expert Categories: Benefits of Physical Activity, Exercise Sport Performance, Healthy Eating and Weight Management, Stress Management, First Aid and CPR


Karl Smith, Professor of History and Political Science

Expert Categories: Latin America History, American History, International Relations, and American Political History


Joseph Stumpf, Professor of History & Political Science

Expert Categories: Ancient and Medieval History, The History of Science and Technology, and The Classical Civilizations of Greece and Rome


Nathan Zook, Professor of Political Science

Expert Categories: Religion and Politics, Israel, Cuba, and United Nations

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